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WhatsAppHack: Steps to hack whatsapp

As requested, people willing to learn how to hack whatsapp very badly. Most reason is because cheated by his or her spouse. Okey lets begin. I am writing this in english although english is not my daily language. There are several ways to hack or hijack someone whatsapp account. Stealing activation code sms sent by [...]

WhatsAppHack: How to Hack WhatsApp Status

From the soure I got, WhatsApp doing communication through XMPP. Client side sends HTTPS requests to interact with the server, including when the client fetches a user’s status, as well as for updating it. With the same way we can change user WhatsApp Status without validating authentication or authoriation first. This issue has been announced [...]

WhatsAppHack : How to Backup Chat Messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is no question one of the quickest increasing indicates of maintaining up with buddies and other connections from your cellphone. It’s like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM Chat) on RIM Operating system and iPhone – and people all just like it! Now just think about it, when you have an very important chat in WhatsApp, So, [...]

WhatsAppHack: Read and Recieve from another whatsapp account ?

Have you try every way to reveal how to read messages from another whatsapp hack? Now I want to share another way to read messages from another whatsapp hack. Preparation. You will need 2 Android devices ( A victim and B the new android device). Plug A android into your laptop as usb device, then [...]

WhatsAppHack: WhatsApp cannot connect to Internet ?

Do you having this problem ? “Sorry, WhatsApp was unable to complete initialization. Please check that you are connected to the Internet and try again.” Yes, this is commonly happen. Especially you are installing from unauthorized sources, maybe you are downloading source from forums ? My Recommendation for this problem is to uninstall currently installed [...]